Golder Associates and Cranfield University have worked together to develop AD-Sim, a AD Anaerobic Digestion process design and process operation model. This is a technical model which can be used to feed into or inform financial decision making, whether from a design or operational perspective.

AD-Sim has been designed to help a wide user community:

  • At the project scoping and design stage, or at the funding stage, AD-Sim can give an objective view of plant sizing and a quantified auditable assessment of potential plant operational performance, which can be lacking in empirical or qualitative approaches. This approach is ideal for financiers requiring a robust and objective assessment of feedstock utilisation and end product (power, heat, digestate) generation rates

  • At the project design or operational stage, scenario modelling can be used to understand the impact on the microbial population of different feedstocks, and ultimately which feedstocks will generate better net energy revenues, without upsetting the biological system established in the digester. Such a feature is attractive to Merchant plant operators. The decisions they make on gate fee needs to be done ahead of feedstock acceptance, but the timeframe for this decision process to take place may be quite short. AD-Sim can help in this respect.
AD-Sim forecasts the time dependency of biogas production, energy and heat production, and digestate production from AD plant with either a simple single feedstock or a range of different feedstock types, more representative of Merchant facilities
AD-Sim is currently available for commercial use by contacting Golder Associates (UK) Ltd. As the user community develops, we envisage the software may be marketed under licence.
Ultimately the financial, policy and environmental drivers which impact the user community will determine the way the model is used, but it is our experience in simulation modelling that AD-Sim will evolve further as users demand more functionality and a wider choice of feedstock and end use options.
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